Monday, October 20, 2008

Fiske Steakhouse

Hi, we meet again, this time I am going to bring you to a special place. Fiske Steakhouse in Keramat, went there last Wednesday at 9.30 pm. It is a lovely, with its glass box-shaped restaurant in the middle. A large fan stands in the middle of the restaurant, with a television for vieweing pleasure.  I've been here a few times and I know it quite well. The seating arrangement is all around the restaurant with an air conditioned dining area in the middle. Inside the air conditioning area, it can hold up to 15 patrons and the rest of the seating area is around the restaurant, natural air conditioning, (You know us Malaysian, dining "outside" is our favourite way to go) So, I sat down and immediately called the waiter for the menu, she came with it and after looking around, I went for the Chicken rolled, a chicken fillet I would say, rolled and cooked in a deep fryer but still retains its crunchiness and not that dry. Inside it is a delicious strings of cheese melting, oohhh, lovely. So I sat there, waiting while watching a drama on television. After about 5 minutes, the food came and it was gorgeuos, the layout is simple but appetising. The chicken in the middle, followed by the veggies (steamed of course) and topped off in a peppery sauce. Complimenting it is my ever trustful, watermelon juice. The taste of the chicken with the sauce is amazing, something that you need to try it yourself. And the best thing is that it only cost me RM14.40. Still on budget and still make my tummy full. Look forward  to my next adventure, coming soon in this page.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Western Food

What do we have in common with the westerners? We eat their food.  Everywhere around us we can find western food layed out in front of our eyes. It is my duty to separate the best from the best, the cream of the crops. For my first step, I will go in search for the best western food in Kuala Lumpur, but for the price of RM15 and below. This is quite a daunting task as I have to take into account the drinks too. To make it easy, I will only drink watermelon juice if possible, as the price of the drink is quite stable all around KL. My first stop will be this Wednesday, and I hope to publish the story the next day. Watch out for this space.